Jules White


Jules White – Chief Sales Officer

With over 30 years of business experience, I have a wealth of knowledge to offer any individual or company.

Predominantly working in the Sales arena, I have worked in start-ups, SMEs, and blue chip business, as well as running my own business, which I took into the Dragons’ Den and won investment with Peter Jones. If you ask me I will say my career has been ‘eventful’. Below you’ll see the start of my entrepreneurial journey.

Why coaching? Having managed teams and projects for the last 10 years, the one common theme that gave real job satisfaction was working with people. Even when they were challenging, I realised that the most rewarding thing was watching people achieve their goals. In previous roles I have used consulting, mentoring and even touched on counselling at times, however whatever the methodology the real reward is ensuring people gain clarity and a clear way forward to reach their objectives and goals.

Some people know how to achieve their goal, but they don’t always realise it. Others need guidance to a whole new way of thinking and doing things.

If you choose to work with me prepare for a unique experience that will truly inspire you.

So begins the journey of helping people to realise their potential.


My Dragons’ Den journey¬†


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