What is my Why?

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Jules White – a motivated, courageous, human communicator and Dragon slayer. Inspiring people to sell in a human way.

So imagine this…

What if you were able to find and reach your ideal client, have the confidence to make contact with them and find that they actually want to buy from you?

What if you were able to deliver you value with confidence because you completely understand why your client wants to buy?

What if you had a sales plan which meant that you knew exactly how you were going to sell your product or service and make money.

What if you realised that your existing life skills are indeed the very sales skills you’re going to use to sell and grow your business.

My programmes are for you if –  

  • You are trying to define what you do in your business.
  • You don’t like selling
  • You don’t know where to start with a discovery call
  • You spend time quoting for business you don’t win
  • Proposals take you hours
  • Your clients always want to think about it
  • Your clients never want to pay your prices
  • There is no sales formula that works consistently
  • You want to be different but your sales process is very prescriptive

Julie’s drive for continuous improvement and her desire to maintain her high standards of professionalism results in excellent results for herself, her company and her clients

Michael Schofield Michael Schofield – Leadership and Executive Coach

Why is this different to any other sales coaching programmes…

It’s all about the sales road trip. My programmes cover three elements.

Live it – Are you fit for travel? – Making sure your mindset and skills are in the right place.

Love it – Planning your trip – what is it you are selling, who is your ideal client and what’s your why?

Sell it – Setting out on the journey  – Finding out your client’s why and learning the art of human selling and how it keeps you on the right track.

Jules is an amazing lady with a wealth of experience she is happy to share. Love chatting to her. She is very warm & friendly & we have a great laugh during our coaching sessions which are very relaxed & not structured which is what I like. She will tailor the sessions to the individual & follow whatever format suits & works best for you.

Jean Young – Uptown Girl

When you’ve completed my programmes:-

  • You’ll see how your own life skills make you a natural born seller
  • You’ll be able to focus on what you stand for and why you need to share it/your products and services with the world
  • You’ll have exercises for deepening your life skills and also putting them into practice within a sales setting
  • You will understand your value and how to sell that value to your client
  • You will understand the ‘Sales Road Trip’ and why that journey is so important
  • You will have a sales plan that works for you and makes sense to you
  • You’ll be equipped to enter a sales conversation with confidence, by being yourself, and knowing that you’re in control of where you end up.
  • You will nail your sales.

Why work with me?

Jules is just amazing! As soon as I met her, I felt like I’d known her forever. We connected on so many levels and I know we’ll keep in touch. In just one short intro call and one full session, I could feel the difference in myself. Jules made me realise so many things about me and has a knack of getting you to stand up and take accountability. She isn’t fluffy- she tells you it as it is, in the most endearing way- which let’s be honest, is what we all need! When we spoke next I felt like, I had taken a much more positive path, and Jules has most definitely had a big impact on that.
If you have the opportunity to work with Jules- go for it!

Katie Colella – Katie Colella Social

I have worked in corporate, SME and entrepreneurial business for 30 years.

I pitched my business in Dragons’ Den when my son was 5 months old and won investment from Peter Jones, although I never did the deal.

I built my business from start up to £1 million t/o with pure grit, determination and hard work, and had global enquiries to take the concept worldwide.

Sales is my area of expertise and I have sold in many sectors, managed teams, and built a team of over 400 consultants in my own business who I coached and mentored.

I understand the corporate world and the entrepreneurial world.

I lost everything and came back to re-build my career and my own business again.

The Live it, Love it, Sell it programmes nuts and bolts

On my ‘Live it, love it, sell it’ 1-2-1 sales coaching programme I work with you for 9 weeks – 1 hour personal coaching each week plus daily support – there are only 8 places available when I launch again in Jan 2018 – so register for the waiting list.

My new group programme ‘Sales Road Trip’ will have 8 places maximum to ensure quality delivery and outcome AND IS AVAILABLE NOW ! Here…

Working with me is a unique experience and now my exciting sales coaching programmes are proven to be truly life changing for anyone who just doesn’t like, or know how to sell.

The key to these programmes is they are yours – tailored for you. Sales is human, and you are unique. That’s exactly how I will work with you and we will absolutely get the very best out of your existing life skills. It is critical that you completely engage with these programme in order to get the very best out of your investment.

The waiting list is now open – REGISTER NOW

I can’t wait to see if we are a fit. 

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