Why choose Compassio?

Recommendations and testimonials – here are the reasons why you should choose Compassio Coaching for all your coaching, mentoring and training needs.

Garret Adkins   Garret Adkins – Attribution Evangelist, “The Doctor”​

I’m highly biased because we’re on similar wavelengths, but Julie offers an human approach to sales that may be the best solution to what’s currently wrong with sales.


Bhupinder Roda – Events Co-ordinator at Worktree, Milton Keynes, Employability Training, Careers

Julie led the training of four groups of 20 students aged 14-15 in employability skills. This involved delivering two discrete activities: ‘Choose Me’, in which students rotated in 3-minute simulated job interviews, taking turns in the role of both interviewer and candidate; and ‘Move It’, in which teams for 5-6 students take roles in the team production of paper envelopes to a quality standard and tight deadline. In the process, Julie demonstrated her own strong skills of clear instruction, group management and encouragement of young people to perform to high work standards. She also showed a strong commitment to Worktree’s charitable cause, to develop the employability skills of young people in her community, by volunteering the whole day.

Nic Hallett  Nic Hallett – Managing Director at Excel Communications (HRD) Ltd

Julie is an astonishing person and a great asset for any organisation combining as she does a passion and energy for sales and a supportive, coaching approach to managing her team. From the moment you meet Julie you know she is a force to be reckoned with, determined to over deliver and just the most fun to be around. She can deliver sales but this would be an underutilisation of her keen, strategic mindset which is best leveraged heading up a sales team or teams.

Mark Cuschieri  Mark Cuschieri – Executive Director at UBS

Julie is one of those people who can make an immediate positive and lasting impression. I have found Julie to be highly professional and engaging with a solution orientated attitude, which is both refreshing and greatly rewarding. Julie is without question an asset to any organisation and I would not hesitate to recommend her, she is worthy of any senior position and will add value to any position she would take with her unique ability to coach.

Michael Schofield  Michael Schofield – Leadership and Executive Coach

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Julie at Yell and have had business dealings with her since then, and I am never less than impressed by her passion and commitment to providing the best customer service possible.
Julie’s drive for continuous improvement and her desire to maintain her high standards of professionalism results in excellent results for herself, her company and her clients.
She is able to bring a creative flair to whichever role she takes on and has the ability to inspire those around her to follow her lead.
Julie is a shining example of what can be achieved in business with skill, hard work and dedication.


Sarah Alexander – Marketing Manager, Investments Santander

Julie and I worked together albeit briefly before she moved on to pursue her rewarding and challenging career in the Hospitality Industry. Before I worked for Julie I knew her very well. Julie is a passionate individual with drive and determination that takes some beating. She is a very intelligent woman who is happy to share and impart her information and knowledge to similar minded individuals of which I am one!

Julie is a very good leader, and an exceptional mentor and a genuinely lovely person. Anyone that works with or for Julie will be privileged to share her knowledge and support and be part of a great team.

Jean Young – Uptown Girl

Jules is an amazing lady with a wealth of experience she is happy to share. Love chatting to her. She is very warm & friendly & we have a great laugh during our coaching sessions which are very relaxed & not structured which is what I like. She will tailor the sessions to the individual & follow whatever format suits & works best for you. We made a pact that she will come & visit me in person in my shop & I intend to hold her to it! Cant wait for that day.

Rachael Owen – Beresford Marketing

What an excellent coaching session today with Jules!

You are a true diamond and it is time I focused more on me. If anyone is looking for coaching then I would highly recommend Jules at Compassio Coaching! I look forward to our next session.

Katie Colella – Katie Colella Social

Jules is just amazing! As soon as I met her, I felt like I’d known her forever. We connected on so many levels and I know we’ll keep in touch. In just one short intro call and one full session, I could feel the difference in myself. Jules made me realise so many things about me and has a knack of getting you to stand up and take accountability. She isn’t fluffy- she tells you it as it is, in the most endearing way- which let’s be honest, is what we all need! When we spoke next I felt like, I had taken a much more positive path, and Jules has most definitely had a big impact on that.
If you have the opportunity to work with Jules- go for it!
Thank you for your time! x

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